Matt Erwin(non-registered)
Jon, I just stumbled across your site while I was reviewing a linkedin post you put up. WoW, What Great work, Very inspiring. It makes me want to pick up a camera and explore. Thank you for posting these images and providing me with a kick in the pants to get back behind the lense.
Ryan Scott Madero
Stunning and Captivating work my friend I wished I could buy them all but would have no place to put them I'm going to pray over the matter cause there is so many incredible temple snaps that are extraordinary give me a lil time to choose my favorites cause it's kind of hard to narrow it all down. Love your work you became one of my most favorite photographers in the world! I truly mean that expression. I love your work! Have a blessed one my brother I'm so happy and honored to have experienced your breathtaking work!
Jon, Your work is amazing. I love the temple shots. I want to go with you on a photo walk when you do one again.
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